6 benefits of “Lost wax casting”:

1. “Lost wax casting” can be applied from any material and has more flexible production equipment. Unlimited casting materials and steels of all kinds, high temperature alloys based on cobalt and nickel, hard materials.

2. Fabricate and fabricate complex shapes, delicate flower shapes, multi-tasking procedures, difficult-to-process materials, dense mesh shapes, and thin-walled products that integrate multiple components with the help of this casting.

3. “Lost wax casting” can save wasted material and mass production.

4. The maximum casting length of investment casting is 700mm, which can be complete easily in less than 200mm. The greatest weight is around 100 kg, however typically under 10 kg.

5. Compared with other casting methods, this casting can achieve the goals of many work procedures, large mechanical processes, low productivity and significant material savings, resulting in high component cost, short time, working time and low cost.

6. Multiplex parts can be molded into shapes such as holes, grooves, grooves, notches, notches, thin and sharp edges, allowing investment casting. Due to its high dimensional accuracy, less than 90% of machining is required, such as milling, turning and boring.

Simplified benefits:

1. “Lost wax casting” has the advantage of high dimensional accuracy.

2. “Lost wax casting” allows you to cast any material.

3. The initial cost is low because “Lost wax casting” only shows the production of prototypes.

4. “Lost wax casting” has a beautiful surface.

5. “Lost wax casting” allows you to process complex shaped products.