Garlic Flakes is a food with many health benefits. It can be said that it is indispensable for the kitchen. The onion's cousin, the onion, already had many followers thousands of years ago due to its seasoning properties. Let's see what its main properties are and how to add them to your kitchen.

Garlic Flakes efficacy

This is not considered a miracle food and many benefits are important, but it does require consuming a significant number of garlic. This meal is a helpful supplement for the treatment of some disorders due to its content. Infectious illnesses, metabolic problems, and cardiovascular diseases are all examples of diseases.

Garlic is a vasodilator, thanks to its allicin compound, which helps the blood to penetrate all  body and somehow prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques formed by cholesterol. This vasodilator effect also helps control high blood pressure by preventing heart disease.

It also has antiplatelet activity, prevents the formation of blood clots and thins the blood, making it an ideal food for people with thrombosis and embolisms.

Tips for use in the kitchen

Why not make homemade garlic Flakes that you can hold in your hand and use for various dishes? French fries are delicious even when sprinkled with salt. Also, the garlic flavor is transferred to the frying oil, which could be put to use for stir-fry and miso.